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PALLITE® Logistic Solutions

Logistics professionals are all too aware of the fact that space plus weight equals cost, and we know you are always looking for ways in which you can save on any of those elements.

Add to this climate change, which is a global problem from which the logistics sector is not immune, and it’s easier to see why there is a growing movement away from traditional wooden pallets towards lighter and more environmentally-friendly alternatives that also save you money.

Wooden pallets have their place but, for many, they are increasingly being seen as undesirable when compared to the alternatives out there, of which PALLITE® is one.

We strongly believe that most businesses would benefit from switching to PALLITE® paper pallets but we know that, on occasion, another alternative to wood may fit a specific task slightly better than PALLITE® would in that instance. It’s all about making the right choice for you and your business, and remembering that it might not always be best to use just one type of pallet for all your transportation needs.

Most companies would benefit from switching to PALLITE®, so it isn’t surprising that we already count a number of big name businesses among our regular customers. Increasingly, companies are starting to take an interest in our innovative products and see us as a leader in the alternative pallet marketplace.

If you think your business could benefit from switching to PALLITE® products for some or all of your distribution requirements, why not get in touch? You can give us a call on 01933 283920, email us at, or drop us a line via the form above, and a member of our team will get back to you.

Benefits of the PALLITE® range


PALLITE® pallets start from just 3.8kg, which makes them around 18kg lighter than their wooden counterparts. By switching from wood to PALLITE®, you’ll save money throughout your supply chain, benefitting from reduced fuel costs when travelling by road, and cheaper air freight.



The entire PALLITE® range has no nails or splinters, and better resistance to mould than you’ll get with wooden pallets, creating a safe environment for transporting food items and pharmaceutical products, protecting consignments, and reducing the risk of injuries.



Maximise container and vehicle capacity by letting us create pallets and pallet boxes that precisely fit the space available. If your business usually double-stacks Euro pallets in a 40ft container, you could transport up to 28.5% more product by switching to PALLITE®.



PALLITE®’s pallet boxes are fully-collapsible, meaning you can save on storage space when you’re not using them and rebuild them again in seconds, with no tools or expertise required.

Reduce Total Distribution Costs

Reduce Total Distribution Costs

The PALLITE® range is up to 80% lighter than wooden alternatives, meaning you’ll save on fuel while reducing your carbon footprint when travelling by road, and drastically cut costs when sending consignments by air freight.


The PALLITE® range is made from 85% recycled materials from sustainable sources, and our products are 100% recyclable. They are also designed to be reused without losing their strength.

Protect Consignments

With 25mm-thick walls made from honeycomb-cell technology for added strength, PALLITE® pallet boxes robustly protect high-value, luxury and fragile goods. Add bespoke inserts and cradles to protect irregular-shaped items and ensure less movement in transit.


A PALLITE® paper pallet can hold up to 750kg in open-beam racking and carry up to 1.2 tonnes, making it a more viable alternative to wood than other paper-based pallets. PALLITE® pallet boxes are strong enough to double-stack loads without crushing, maximising use of space when transporting goods.



The PALLITE® range is exempt from the ISPM15 regulations that require wooden pallets to be heat-treated.

The Science Behind Pallite®

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