The PALLITE® range is designed specifically to help you maximise the benefits and minimise the risks of shipping via road freight. Here’s how…


The PALLITE® range is designed to be lightweight yet strong. Our PALLITE® pallet boxes have walls that have undergone extensive testing to ensure that your consignments never get crushed. They can hold up to 750kg when stacked and combined with a PALLITE® pallet. We can even supply a double-stacked box that eliminates the need for a second pallet, giving you even more vehicle capacity for your box.


Minimise damages with a 25mm protective honeycomb wall on your pallet boxes. Fewer damages means less disruption to your supply chain and ultimately fewer unnecessary costs.


PALLITE® paper pallets, pallet boxes and layer pads have been shown to absorb more vibrations caused by road transport than wooden pallets. That means your load will remain secure.

Stabilise Your Load

PALLITE® pallet boxes are a great way to stabilise a load with their protective wall. The risk of your consignment shifting during transit is removed, and you don’t have to worry about your stock being crushed either.


The PALLITE® range is considerably lighter than it’s wooden and plastic counterparts. Imagine how much money you could save over time on fuel if every pallet you sent was typically 83% lighter. Not only that... think of the reduction you’ll see in your carbon footprint.

Reduce Injury Risk

Not only is the PALLITE® range lighter than its wooden counterparts, meaning there are less chance of manual handling injuries, but there’s no nails or splinters to put your team at risk. That means your team are safer, happier and less likely to be off work with injury.


We started in 2008 with an idea. Today we manufacture some of the lightest, strongest, cleanest and most environmentally-friendly pallets around.

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It’s the innovation inside the PALLITE® range that sets it apart. So what makes a PALLITE® pallet?

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All our products are subject to rigourous quality checks and tests before they reach our clients.

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Whether you’ve got a quick question or you want to run through the details of your next project, we can help.
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Whether you’ve got a quick question or you want to run through the details of your next project, we can help. Speak to one of our experts on +44 (0)1933 283920 or send us a message using the form on the right.

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