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The future is… PALLITE®

The future is electric, and the future is autonomous… or so the news cycle is telling us. But what the journalists aren’t able to say is how quickly that future is going to arrive, leaving automotive manufacturers and suppliers with a decision to make – where should they focus their attention, and when?

At PALLITE®, we have worked closely with many clients in the automotive sector over a number of years and we understand the difficulties and uncertainties they currently face, considering what promises to be a complete revolutionization of the automotive industry. We are ready and waiting to help them adapt to the seismic shift that is on the horizon, however it unfolds.

What do we know so far?

The UK government has already introduced incentives to encourage the use of electric and hybrid vehicles, and started to dissuade the use of petrol and diesel alternatives through higher taxation.

At the same time, logistics specialist DHL is among many who believe it is a question of ‘when’, and not ‘if’ driverless cars become a common sight on the roads of Europe. They are already being used in Milton Keynes in the UK, and in Paris in France. Recently, six convoys of semi-automated smart trucks largely drove themselves across Europe, travelling to Rotterdam harbour from as far afield as Sweden and southern Germany. Plans are in the pipeline to introduce automated trucks to UK motorways in the near future.

Trends suggest the car of the future is electrified, autonomous, shared, connected and updated yearly (EASCY). Projections suggest this new-look automotive industry could add as much as £51 billion to the UK economy by 2030.

So we know that electric and autonomous vehicles are on the way, but there are two variables which – as yet – it is impossible to predict:

  • Timescale: How quickly will these new innovations take off and become the norm?
  • Competition: What new players will enter the automotive supply market as a result, and what challenge will this pose for established operators?
PALLITE®: for today, tomorrow and the long-term

At PALLITE®, we are here to help our automotive clients adapt to the changing times, however quickly and whatever form that change takes.

How quickly electric and autonomous vehicles become widespread depends on many factors – the presence or otherwise of government incentives, the rate at which the industry can innovate to overcome some of the technical challenges they pose, and customer demand – all of which are influenced by the level of success of early trials.

But early estimates suggest that around 55% of all new car sales in Europe in 2030 may be fully electrified, while autonomous vehicles will account for at least 40% of personal mileage driven in Europe. Manufacturers will need to redistribute their investment in research and development to focus on progress in these areas over the coming years.

However quickly you need to react to get a new product to market, whether you’ve spotted a new opportunity or just need to keep up with the times, you can be sure that we won’t slow you down. Our 100% recyclable, lightweight packaging offers the ultimate protection for fragile, luxury, high-value and oddly-shaped vehicle parts and can be manufactured quickly and easily in response to client need, meaning we always have the strongest packaging solution to protect new components and designs.

With new and exciting opportunities on the horizon, it is inevitable that you will face more competition in your marketplace caused by the entry of new players, most likely from the technology sector. In order to stay ahead, you must continue to innovate while maintaining the quality you are already known for and that provides the basis of your brand loyalty. For electric and autonomous vehicles to be widely accepted by the public, they must not come with a high price tag, so effective cost management will be essential.

At PALLITE®, we are constantly innovating to ensure we can provide our customers with exceptional protection that helps them get their product to market quickly and easily. Our paper-based packaging solutions are reusable, meaning you can use them again and again throughout your production cycle without any loss of strength or protective properties, maximising return on investment.

We can help automotive businesses to stay one step ahead of the electric and autonomous revolution. To speak to one of our experts, call 01933 283920 or email us at