PALLITE®’s COVID-19 Statement

PALLITE®’s COVID-19 Statement

We at PALLITE® want to reassure our loyal customers and stakeholders that we are doing our utmost to operate our business at full capacity, whilst keeping the health and safety of our workforce at the centre of everything we do.

In line with government guidelines we have made the following changes:

Increased hygiene measures on site

Restricted all internal and external visitors to site

Increased use of virtual meetings with our workforce, customers and suppliers

Ensured our workforce understand and follow the NHS guidelines for self-isolation

Worked with our raw material suppliers & hauliers to minimise risk of disruption

Increased social distancing in place at factory. Two-person jobs now single-person, only irrespective of any reduction in output

We are actively monitoring the situation and published guidance from the NHS, WHO and the government.

Our sales team remain available and willing to support our customers and their supply chains through these uncertain times.

We are currently operating ‘business as usual’ and are capable of shipping high volumes of standard products such as pallets and layer boards at short notice if needed.


Saving natural resources and energy, protecting the environment, tackling climate change by reducing emissions and limiting the amount of rubbish sent to landfill – these are all hot topics at the moment. As a society, we can no longer claim to be ignorant of the effect of our consumerism on the natural world. Increasingly, governments around the world are introducing legislation aimed at tackling pollution and encouraging recycling. A new generation is voting with its feet, considering an organisation’s ethics and sustainability credentials as key to the suitability of its products for purchase. It is no longer enough to pay lip-service to corporate sustainability initiatives. Businesses must truly commit to reducing waste if they are to survive – and thrive – in today’s marketplace. At PALLITE®, our paper packaging solutions offer an alternative to traditional wooden pallets that is made from sustainable, recycled materials and is itself 100% recyclable after use. Our products can help businesses to reduce waste, cut their carbon footprint and boost their sustainability credentials.
Consistent supply
Manufacturers of wooden pallets often find themselves facing materials shortages caused by fluctuating demand in the timber supply market . As such, businesses that rely on wooden pallets risk incurring higher prices or having to halt production of goods due to a lack of pallets to transport them on. In some industries – particularly food and pharmaceuticals – any delay can risk wasting goods themselves. The PALLITE® range offers a truly viable alternative to wood that not only measures up to the job, but comes with a host of additional benefits too. We guarantee a consistent supply. Our super-strong paper pallets are made from recycled waste paper that can be sourced in abundance, all year round, regardless of market conditions. What’s more, our own controlled manufacturing methods, extensive testing and proactive quality checks on every reel of paper that enters our factory ensure nothing is left to chance in safeguarding customers’ supply chains.
A cost-effective alternative to plastic
With governments and consumers worldwide increasingly concerned about the impact of waste plastic products on wildlife and water courses, there has been a move in recent years towards more environmentally-friendly forms of packaging. The UK Government has set an ambitious target to abolish all plastic waste by 2042 and is increasingly targeting single-use plastics like packaging through high-cost packaging recovery notes. Businesses wanting to avoid higher charges for waste recovery would be wise to acknowledge this trend and consider other alternatives that can perform to the same high standards as plastic pallets – like PALLITE®. PALLITE® products are also hygienic and approved for use in sterile environments, and are more cost-effective than their plastic equivalents, particularly for one-way or export shipping. This is partly due to their very low weight, and also because they are designed to maximise the use of space in shipping containers – allowing companies to reduce the number of journeys they need to take by increasing the amount of goods shipped per load. At the end of their use, they can be recycled through traditional waste paper and card recycling schemes that will often pay businesses for the waste they receive.
Use more, pay less
The Government’s Packaging Waste Regulations have imposed strict quotas for recycling and recovery for businesses with annual turnover of more than £2 million that handle at least 50 tonnes of packaging or packaging materials in a calendar year. These businesses must fund recycling and recovery of specific weights of materials by buying electronic Packaging Recovery Notes (ePRNs) or Packaging Export Recovery Notes (ePERNs). These Packaging Recovery Notes are issued by accredited reprocessors and are evidence of a business’s compliance with regulations. Companies replacing traditional pallets with PALLITE® products benefit from significant weight savings. For example, a company using 10 pallets a day for 50 weeks of the year would save around 50 tonnes of waste per year, compared to using equivalent wooden or plastic pallets. By switching to PALLITE® products, businesses can use more while ensuring they still comply with the requirements of the law.
In order to reach the goal of reducing landfill, businesses of all sizes must actively look for ways in which to improve their recycling and recovery credentials. PALLITE® products are made from 85% recycled materials from sustainable sources and are themselves 100% recyclable through traditional paper and card recycling schemes, making them a great choice for companies wanting to improve their green credentials.
Reducing your environmental impact is essential for any business wanting to survive and thrive in today’s market. To find out more about how switching to PALLITE® products could boost your company’s green credentials, give us a call on 01933 283920 or email us at and a member of our team will get back to you.

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