Oświadczenie PALLITE®'S COVID-19

PALLITE®'s COVID-19 Oświadczenie

W PALLITE® chcemy zapewnić naszych lojalnych klientów i udziałowców, że robimy wszystko, co w naszej mocy, aby prowadzić naszą działalność na pełnych obrotach, jednocześnie dbając o zdrowie i bezpieczeństwo naszych pracowników.

Zgodnie z wytycznymi rządowymi dokonaliśmy następujących zmian:

Zwiększone środki higieny na miejscu

Ograniczenie wszystkich wewnętrznych i zewnętrznych odwiedzających stronę internetową

Zwiększone wykorzystanie spotkań wirtualnych z naszymi pracownikami, klientami i dostawcami

Zapewnienie, że nasi pracownicy rozumieją i stosują się do wytycznych NHS dotyczących samoizolacji

Współpracowaliśmy z naszymi dostawcami i przewoźnikami surowców, aby zminimalizować ryzyko zakłóceń.

Zwiększone zdystansowanie społeczne w fabryce. Dwuosobowe miejsca pracy, obecnie jednoosobowe, bez względu na jakiekolwiek zmniejszenie produkcji.

Aktywnie monitorujemy sytuację i publikujemy wskazówki od NHS, WHO i rządu.

Nasz zespół sprzedaży pozostaje dostępny i chętny do wspierania naszych klientów i ich łańcuchów dostaw w tych niepewnych czasach.

Obecnie działamy "business as usual" i w razie potrzeby jesteśmy w stanie w krótkim czasie dostarczyć duże ilości standardowych produktów, takich jak palety i płyty warstwowe.


Zrównoważony rozwój


Our passion for sustainability goes beyond the products we manufacture and touches every part of our operations. We care about the world we live in, and believe in doing our bit to combat climate change and preserve the earth’s natural resources.


Our ethos is to provide ethically and well-managed, 100% recyclable packaging solutions that are not only more environmentally-friendly than wood, but offer customers a true alternative, being equally capable of carrying heavy loads with ease and delivering more benefits to customers in use.

We can’t keep wasting resources. Products and materials must be kept in the economy […] When it comes to products like… packaging, we should be able to get the materials back.

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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Reducing deforestation

A 2016 study found that 42.5 million new wooden pallets were manufactured in the UK that year, using more than 1.2 million cubic metres or more than 680,000 tonnes of virgin timber (that’s the same weight as 4,866 blue whales!). If every business that used wooden pallets that year had instead switched to PALLITE® pallets, more than 600,000 trees would have been saved – representing an area the equivalent of 6,828 football pitches, or 17 times the size of the city of London!

What’s more, after three rounds of use and subsequent recycling, more than 49% of the materials used to make the PALLITE® pallet would still be in use, while 97% of those used in a wooden pallet would have been wasted – either downcycled into wood chip, panel board or kindling wood, or burnt, contributing to carbon dioxide emissions.

Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Independent tests show that PALLITE® products are a more environmentally-friendly and cost-effective choice than their wooden alternatives, resulting in lower greenhouse gas emissions, lower fuel consumption and increased financial savings across all forms of transport, but particularly sea and air freight.

We are not content with this though, and continue to work to understand how our operations impact the environment, and what we can do to make them less impactful in future, so that our customers can know they are doing their bit to save the planet, just by switching to PALLITE® for all their transit packaging and warehouse storage needs.

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The life-cycle of the PALLITE® Pallet and Pallet Box

In this e-book we lift the lid on the truth behind two of our most popular products - the PALLITE® pallet and the PALLITE® pallet box - and find out just how environmentally-friendly they really are.

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Benefits of PALLITE®

Przyjazny dla środowiska

The PALLITE® range is environmentally-friendly by design and in use, having been proven in independent tests to have less potential to contribute to global warming than wooden alternatives. All our products are made from more than 80% recycled materials from carefully managed sources, and are 100% recyclable. They are also designed to be reused without losing their strength.

Ultra lightweight

Reduce total distribution costs. PALLITE® pallets start from just 4.05kg, which makes them around 20.05kg lighter than their wooden counterparts. This means you’ll save money on fuel when travelling by road, as well on the cost of shipping and air freighting consignments, where the price you pay depends on the weight of the load. Thanks to lighter loads, you’ll also reduce the amount of potentially harmful emissions produced by transporting your goods, helping to save the planet.


Maximise container and vehicle capacity by creating bespoke pallets and pallet boxes that precisely fit the space available. You could transport up to 28.5% more product, saving on the number of journeys you need to take, thereby reducing your carbon footprint. We guarantee our bespoke products are much cheaper than the competition.


A PALLITE pallet® can hold 750kg in open-beam racking and carry up to 1.2 tonnes, making it a more viable alternative to wood than other cardboard pallets. PALLITE® pallet boxes are strong enough to double-stack loads without crushing, maximising use of space when transporting goods and saving on the number of journeys needed – reducing potentially harmful emissions. Our genuinely viable alternatives to wood mean there is no reason that a company shouldn’t benefit from our environmentally-friendly products.

ISPM 15-exempt

Switching from wooden pallets to PALLITE® paper pallets prevents the need for heat treatment when exporting and removes the risk of eco-contamination. This in turn makes exporting cheaper and quicker, and reduces the amount of paperwork you’ll need to complete.

Ochrona premium

Our pallet boxes, made from 25mm paper walls constructed with honeycomb-cell technology for added strength, guard consignments against impact in storage, handling or transit, while custom-made inserts reduce movement and provide cushioning against shocks and drops. Fewer damages means less cost and resource consumption to remanufacture your consignment.

At PALLITE®, we can help companies to drive down their costs while saving the planet at the same time. To find out more about our environmentally-friendly and cost-effective 100% recyclable packaging solutions, give us a call on 01933 283920, email us at enquiries@pallite.co.uk or a member of our team will get back to you.

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