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Partnering with the automotive sector

PALLITE®’s quality packaging has won awards for its innovative design and uniquely protective capabilities. So it isn’t surprising that we are a trusted supplier to many clients in the automotive sector, who rely on us to ensure valuable parts and components are protected throughout their supply chain journey.

Our success in this industry can be attributed to our attention to detail, our high standards of quality and care, and to the fact that we work hard to understand our customers’ market and their individual needs.

The automotive industry is changing rapidly. Progress is inevitable, but change is likely to happen faster and be more dramatic in the next decade than ever before. Products, processes and markets are developing more rapidly than many expected, and we don’t yet know what impact new innovations like autonomous vehicles are likely to have on the society and industry of tomorrow.

Today’s consumers are increasingly environmentally-conscious, and demand higher standards of sustainability from companies with which they do business. Demand for less-polluting vehicles like pure electric and plug-in hybrids is outpacing that of traditional petrol and diesel models, and manufacturers are under pressure to maximise efficiencies in their manufacturing processes and supply chains to reduce their carbon footprint. Vehicles are being adapted for maximum reuse, recycling and recovery, with the target zero waste.

The automotive supply chain is incredibly complex; it is highly-integrated and functions worldwide. In these uncertain times, it is vital that all members of the chain work together to tackle the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, with each of us taking responsibility for leading expertise in our individual field. After all, as Henry Ford himself once said: “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

PALLITE®: a partner in change and innovation

At PALLITE®, we are ready to support the growth of the automotive industry over the next year, decade and beyond. Our packaging solutions are affordable and offer businesses flexibility thanks to their innovative design.

Individuality, without the high price tag

Consumer demand for new vehicles has increased dramatically over the past few years, and continues to rise. But today’s customers want more options when it comes to the type of vehicle they buy, its features and choice of colours. They want performance and styling that reflects their own individuality.

PALLITE®’s custom-made inserts fill the void and offer the ultimate protection for fragile, luxury, high-value and oddly-shaped vehicle parts. Our solutions can be manufactured quickly and easily in response to client need, ensuring you’ll always have the perfect packaging to protect your newest components.

A green solution

We understand that consumers today are more environmentally-conscious and want the companies they do business with to adhere to high standards of sustainability.

At PALLITE®, our products are manufactured from recycled waste paper from consistent and sustainable sources, and are themselves 100% recyclable through traditional paper and cardboard recycling schemes. Their lightweight composition means less weight per load, reducing your carbon footprint.

Innovation, insight and excellence

New technology is continuously revolutionising the automotive industry. Automated processes and artificial intelligence are cutting costs and reducing waste, and the real-time data made available by these new technologies is improving products and processes. In 2017, the automotive industry as a whole was able to increase productivity by 5% and reduce time to market by 25%, while machine downtime was reduced by 40%. These efforts will need to continue, as the development of autonomous and electric vehicles has highlighted the need to upskill and invest in specialist expertise to develop these innovations to their full potential. Between 2020 and 2025, the automotive industry as a whole will have to find new ways of compensating for falling margins and rising investment in new technologies as they pursue EASCY (electrified, autonomous, shared, connected, yearly updated) mobility solutions.

We combine the use of technology with industry insight to generate ideas for optimised packaging solutions that create slicker supply chains for our customers and ultimately speed up their routes to market. We focus on innovation and excellence, undertaking quality checks on every roll of paper we use to ensure the consistent high performance of our products.

Electric cars were the next big thing, but this is quickly being overtaken by the drive for autonomous technology. What is clear is that the landscape is always changing and we don’t necessarily know the destination. What we do know is that the automotive industry is thriving, that innovation drives progress, and that PALLITE® embraces change.

At PALLITE®, we can help automotive businesses to stay one step ahead, by being part of the innovation. To speak to one of our experts, call 01933 283920 or email us at