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PALLITE® Pallets

The king of the paper pallet world.

lighter and cleaner alternative – robust and strong

From the honeycomb deck to the design of the pallet feet, the PALLITE® pallet offers a lighter and cleaner alternative to wood. Available in a range of sizes and specifications, PALLITE® pallets have the robustness and strength you’d demand from any pallet in your supply chain.

Paper and glue makes them light. Design makes them strong.

Learn more about the award-winning innovation and manufacturing behind PALLITE® pallets.

  • Save up £57 per pallet when shipping air freight with an 83% reduction in weight compared to wooden pallets
  • Save even more by eliminating the need for heat-treated pallets – PALLITE® pallets are ISPM15-exempt
  • Avoid the cost of unwanted damages with PALLITE® pallets that are strong enough to hold up to 750kg in open-beam racking and bespoke pallets that are capable of carrying over one tonne
  • Reduce unwanted transport costs by maximising container and vehicle capacity thanks to bespoke pallet sizing
  • Minimise damages and secure loads with edge protectors for strapping and banding
  • Adapt your supply chain seamlessly by adding a conveyor frame for automated systems and palletisers
  • Reduce your total environmental impact thanks to 100% recyclable materials from sustainable sources
  • Eliminate the risk of contamination, splinters, nails and mould
  • Ideal for air freight, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients
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The Pallite® Range


As a pharmaceutical company, we needed an effective alternative to wooden pallets in our production environment – a pallet that would remove nails and splinters from our supply chain and a strong lightweight pallet on which we could distribute our products around the world.

Napp Pharmaceuticals