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PALLITE® Pallet Feet

The humble pallet foot – the leg on which your supply chain stands

Undervalued and unappreciated until something goes wrong. The humble pallet foot – literally the leg on which your supply chain stands. PALLITE® pallet feet are the ideal solution if you want to keep corrugate boxes off the floor and you can even use them in the same way as you would a pallet. Simply peel back the adhesive tape and stick them firmly to the bottom of your consignment.

  • Save time by reducing the need to palletise goods
  • Save space by eliminating the need to store pallets
  • Reduce cost by eliminating the need to buy pallets
  • Reduce your environmental impact thanks to 100% recyclable materials from sustainable sources, making them the perfect alternative to wooden or plastic runners
  • Strong enough to hold up to 750kg
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The Pallite® Range


We were looking for a supplier who could respond quickly to our demands as well as design to our requirements. We are also a business looking at ways of being more sustainable. PALLITE®, being light and recyclable, offered great environmental benefits and the team couldn’t help us enough.

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