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Pallet Boxes

This is no ordinary pallet box.

Award-winning Pallet Box – Protecting your consignment

Designed to solve one of your most vexing problems, the award-winning PALLITE® pallet box will protect your consignment to withstand its entire journey down your supply chain whilst ensuring you’re not paying over the odds for your distribution.

Other pallet boxes might save you pennies in the short term, but the PALLITE® pallet box is no ordinary pallet box. With a collapsible design that’s known for strength and a 25mm reinforced honeycomb wall, your PALLITE® pallet box will withstand even the most turbulent of journeys.

What’s more, with extensive CNC capabilities, PALLITE® can offer protection of oddly-shaped components by creating locators and fitments for boxes that are more resistant to turbulence and damages than corrugate alternatives. PALLITE® has become the all-round proposition.

  • Save your team time and effort with assembly in under 10 seconds
  • Eliminate unwanted transport costs by maximising container and vehicle capacity thanks to bespoke pallet and pallet box sizing, and stackable configurations
  • Minimise damages with a 25mm protective wall – ideal for valuable, luxury or fragile goods
  • Secure loads and minimise damages with edge protectors for strapping and banding
  • Slash your total distribution costs – a PALLITE® pallet box is up to 72% lighter than a wooden crate and pallet combination, whilst maintaining the same strength
  • Reduce your environmental impact thanks to 100% recyclable materials from sustainable sources
  • Lower the risk of back injuries and save time by opting for loading windows
  • Create an ISPM15-exempt solution by coupling with a PALLITE® pallet
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The Pallite® Range


We were spending so much money unnecessarily on transporting our tonne loads of cheese overseas on heavy wooden pallets and couldn’t find a viable alternative until we found PALLITE®. It’s amazing that paper and glue can hold this much weight with ease, as well as being a cleaner and safer alternative to a typical wooden pallet. It’s ideal for food as it has no nails or splinters so no chance of contamination into the food chain. It’s also ISPM15-exempt, so no need to treat the pallet before sending overseas. We’re now saving weight per pallet – weight that we’re not paying for – and we’re doing our bit for the environment too as they’re 100% recyclable!

Somerdale Classic English Cheese