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Layer Pads

Provides protective layer for strapping and banding – manufactured to suit your specific dimension

The delivery of your consignment is one of the final stages of your supply chain, but is also the stage that poses most risk. PALLITE® layer pads can be used for stacking, reinforcing or separating loads, as well as providing a protective layer for strapping and banding.

Available in either 25mm or 15mm honeycomb deck, the layer pads can be manufactured to suit your specific dimension needs, helping you to protect your consignment and reduce damages.

What’s more, our honeycomb layer pad is stronger than corrugate whilst still having compliance and absorbency to reduce potential vibration damage to the load.

  • Reduce damages by stabilising your load with 25mm honeycomb-deck layer pads
  • Secure your consignment by opting for edge protection
  • Ideal for air freight, pharmaceuticals and food ingredients
  • Minimise threats to your consignment by reinforcing your load with layer pads to absorb potential vibration
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The Pallite® Range


At Fun Furniture Collection, we design and make a range of bespoke, handcrafted, luxury furniture that comes in the shape of popular vehicles. We put a lot of care and effort into our creations so it’s really important to us that they don’t get damaged during transit. We were looking for a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to package them for shipping than wooden crates. Our beds aren’t standard pallet sizes so the team at PALLITE® worked with us to find the right sizes for our beds. In our latest project we were required to ship multiple beds and the PALLITE® range worked like a dream. Using the PALLITE® range solved all our shipping issues with our client. Not only are they very happy to use the PALLITE® range in the future, but it even reduced transport costs. The team at PALLITE® are always a pleasure to work with. They offer amazing turnaround time, excellent personalised customer service and have fantastic communication. The staff are always very friendly and helpful. It’s always good to see continuity with familiar faces from the very beginning through to now.

Llinos & Mark, Fun Furniture Collection