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Insulated Pallet Boxes

reduce your distribution costs – extend your goods’ desired temperature

You’re constantly fighting the external environment to keep your consignment chilled but, you’ve been struggling to find a way to reduce your total distribution costs. Let us introduce you to the PALLITE® insulated pallet box.

As with our PALLITE® pallet boxes, paper makes it light, design makes it strong, meaning you’ll pay less for your total distribution costs and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your consignment will be protected throughout the entirety of its journey. Discover more about the benefits of PALLITE® pallet boxes here.

Our insulated options use the thermal properties of the honeycomb and, when combined with insulating liners and gel packs, can provide the ability to extend your goods’ desired temperature unlike the corrugate alternatives.

  • Avoid spoiled consignments with the ability to maintain a constant temperature for up to 48 hours
  • Keep your stocked chilled for longer with up to 12% more insulation than a corrugate alternative
  • Eliminate unwanted transport costs by maximising container and vehicle capacity thanks to bespoke pallet box sizing and stackable configurations
  • Minimise damages with a 25mm protective wall
  • Create an ISPM15-exempt solution by coupling with a PALLITE® pallet
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The Pallite® Range


As a global operator within the airline catering industry, we needed an effective, insulated pallet box solution to distribute our temperature-sensitive products to our major international clients. PALLITE® produced a solution that not only delivers our food in perfect temperature-controlled conditions, but has also reduced our expenditure.

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