PALLITE®, a paper-based transit and storage packaging specialist based in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, commissioned Giraffe Innovation, one of the UK’s top green businesses with extensive experience in the delivery of a wide range of sustainability-driven projects to UK and global organisations, to evaluate the environmental impact of their product range to support their current and future customers in reaching their sustainability goals. The report addresses Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of PALLITE® UK and Euro sized pallets and pallet boxes versus wood-based equivalents across their lifecycle. Various scenarios were modelled using indicative transport modes (by road, sea and air) as well as manufacturing. The report shows that by changing from a wooden pallet to a PALLITE® pallet, carbon emissions are reduced, overall freight load weight is reduced, and the general life cycle of a PALLITE® pallet has less impact on the environment than a wooden pallet. Various scenarios were demonstrated in the report, one of which involved flying 10 standard pallets with corrugate boxes, each holding 500kg, from London Heathrow to JFK New York, a total of 5,536km. This overall distance of 29,608km produces emissions of 36.77tCO2e. By replacing the wooden pallet and corrugate box with a PALLITE® standard pallet box, emissions drop to 35.611tCO2e. That’s a total reduction of 1.101tCO2e, 0.148t less weight, saves 397.7 litres of fuel and a cost saving of £119 on fuel alone.
To contextualise, that’s the same CO2 emissions as
It’s the equivalent greenhouse gas emissions avoided by
It’s the equivalent carbon sequestered by
Matthew Marks, Quality Manager at PALLITE® added, “Working with Giraffe has been insightful and by learning about the life cycle analysis of our product range with quantifiable data means we’re much better positioned to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. It’s reassuring to know that our products are making a positive impact on how value chains and companies approach reducing their CO2 emissions.”

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