Transit Accessories

A range of accessories to compliment the PALLITE® transit packaging range

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Key Benefits

Reduce the amount of space needed for storage

PALLITE® pallet feet reduce the need to store pallets by offering the ability to peel back their adhesive layer and stick directly to the bottom of your consignment


The tubes used inside PALLITE® pallet feet have a vertical weight strength of 800kg per pair


Reduce your environmental impact thanks to 100% recyclable materials from managed sources, making them the perfect alternative to wooden or plastic runners


Eliminate the need to purchase pallets by simply purchasing pallet feet

Reduce the risk of contamination

With no nails or splinters, and no tools required for assembly, reduce the risk of contamination to your consignment

PALLITE® Product Testing

Quality does not happen by accident. We don’t take it for granted, and neither do we expect you to accept our assurances of quality without independent, evidential proof.

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We were looking for a supplier who could respond quickly to our demands as well as design to our requirements. We are also a business looking at ways of being more sustainable. PALLITE®, being light and recyclable, offered great environmental benefits and the team couldn’t help us enough.

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