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Designed to save space, improve pick accuracy and increase pick efficiency

Automotive & AerospaceFMCGHealthcare & PharmaceuticalWarehousing & Logistics

Key Benefits

Space-saving and flexible

Reduce the space needed to store your products by combining pick-faces and creating more space in your warehouse. Use easy-to-fit interchangeable dividers to quickly flex your space around your products and save space with by storing flat-packed when not in use

Improve pick efficiency and accuracy

Reduce pick times and walk sequences by combining pick-faces to improve your efficiency as well as using clearly divided and well-organised pick-faces with space for labels and tags help you to find products with ease

Strong and durable

Durable honeycomb walls and protected edges with pick-faces that are strong enough to hold up to 500kg in each PALLITE® PIX storage unit

Lightweight and forklift-friendly

Lightweight to protect your team from manual handling injuries, as well as forklift-friendly to easily move the unit – empty or full


100% recyclable and made from materials from managed sources

PALLITE® Product Testing

Quality does not happen by accident. We don’t take it for granted, and neither do we expect you to accept our assurances of quality without independent, evidential proof.

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