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Key Benefits

Fully collapsible to save space and time

Save your team time and effort with assembly in under 10 seconds whilst saving space in your warehouse when not in use, and opt for loading windows to speed up packing times

Weighs from just 13kg

Standard specification PALLITE® insulated pallet boxes weigh from just 16kg and ice packs just 3kg each, reducing your overall consignment and creating cost-savings


100% recyclable and made from managed sources (excluding gel packs and insulative liners)

Reduce total distribution costs

Eliminate unwanted transport costs by maximising container and vehicle capacity utilisation thanks to bespoke pallet and pallet box sizing, and stackable configurations, as well as by reducing consignment weight


Save money spent on heat-treated insulated boxes and time spent on administration

Reduce damages

Minimise damages with a choice of 15mm or 25mm protective walls

Reduce the risk of contamination and reduce the risk of spoiled consignments

Avoid spoiled consignments with the ability to maintain a constant temperature for up to 48 hours and has typically 12% more insulation than corrugate. What’s more, with no nails or splinters, and a low risk of mould, you can reduce the risk of contamination to your consignments

PALLITE® Product Testing

Quality does not happen by accident. We don’t take it for granted, and neither do we expect you to accept our assurances of quality without independent, evidential proof.

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As a global operator within the airline catering industry, we needed an effective, insulated pallet box solution to distribute our temperature-sensitive products to our major international clients. PALLITE® produced a solution that not only delivers our food in perfect temperature-controlled conditions, but has also reduced our expenditure.

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