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Money doesn’t grow on trees… it grows because of them

Money doesn’t grow on trees. But what if it grows because of them?

Most businesses that use pallets could save money by switching to PALLITE®’s paper pallets. Made entirely of paper products, our innovative design really stacks up against the alternative products out there in the market and brings a whole range of benefits, not least impressive cost savings.

We don’t always talk about this benefit as much as we maybe should, and that’s probably because it’s not usually the only reason customers switch to PALLITE® products. But there are savings to be made across the supply chain by using our pallets.

Fewer losses

PALLITE® products are made from just two products: paper and glue. Unlike wooden pallets, they contain no nails, and do not splinter. Many companies in the food ingredient and pharmaceutical industries choose our pallets in order to protect their products from being contaminated by splinters and nails from wooden pallets, thereby saving money they would otherwise have spent on attempted protective measures, replacing lost stock and compensation for end customers. Unlike wooden pallets, our products are less susceptible to mould, making them a cleaner alternative for transporting food products. We can also create pallets and pallet boxes that precisely fit the space available, and custom inserts that reduce the movement of fragile goods in transit, resulting in fewer damages.

Weight + space = cost

Standard UK wooden pallets weigh around 25kg each. A PALLITE® paper pallet that is capable of holding up to 750kg weighs around 8kg. When transporting goods by air freight, it’s easy to consider the weight of the load, but forget about the weight of the pallet holding it. Reducing the weight of the pallet reduces the cost of each load. One customer transporting high-value goods via airfreight saved more than £150,000 per year by switching from wooden pallets to a PALLITE® pallet, thanks to an 18kg weight saving.

It’s also worth considering how much air you are shipping in each load. Unlike wooden or plastic pallets, which are mainly available in a limited number of standard sizes, PALLITE®’s pallets and pallet boxes can be manufactured in bespoke sizes designed to maximise the use of space within any given load. This includes tailoring them to the optimum height for an airline.

Fewer work-related injuries

Work-related injuries can cost businesses dearly, both in terms of lost time and manpower, and in potential legal costs. Handling heavy pallets dramatically increases the risk of sustaining an injury, and if they are made of wood you also have nails and splinters to worry about. In 2017, nearly 5% of employee injuries were attributed to improper handling of wooden pallets, with cuts and scrapes from nails and splinters causing nearly 7 out of 10 of those, and head, back and toe injuries accounting for the rest. Nearly a third of these injuries resulted in three or more days of lost work. By switching to a lightweight PALLITE® pallet, companies can protect their employees – and their bottom line – from these risks.

Fuel savings

Thanks to their lightweight composition, PALLITE® pallet boxes can be double-stacked while holding up to 750kg, without collapsing like corrugate boxes would. This means companies can transport up to 50% more goods per truck load, halving the overall number of journeys made, thereby saving on fuel and resulting in significantly reduced CO2 emissions. Consider this: for 100 HGVs each completing a 100-mile journey every day, you’d be looking at fuel savings of around £2 million per year. You’d also save more than 4,800 tonnes of CO2 per year, meaning you’d be saving the environment too.


PALLITE® products are exempt from the ISPM15 regulations that apply to wooden pallets, and – thanks to their lightweight composition – contribute significantly less to the packaging regulatory limit for new pallets than new wooden pallets.

There is a saying: “You get what you pay for”. With PALLITE®, what you’ll get is reduced costs and improved profit. What’s not to love?