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We understand how important it is to minimise disruptions in your supply chain. We all know the impact that last minute interruptions can have further down the road when a single stage doesn’t go to plan. That’s why we extensively test our products and proactively carry out quality checks before anything enters or leaves our factory.

It all starts with paper.

We perform quantitative quality checks on every reel of paper that enters our warehouse. Performing these tests ensures that any faults at this stage don’t enter the manufacturing process and ultimately end up in your supply chain, putting your goods – and your relationships with your customers – at risk.

Our paper tests include:

  • Visual check – paper fibre size, contamination to the paper and tears
  • Grammage of the paper
  • Thickness of the paper
  • Cobb rating – absorbency of the paper

We work with some of the leading paper manufacturers in the world, who also work to the highest quality standards.

If we create a specification that’s new or we’re testing a fresh, innovative idea, we’ll perform functionality testing and validation to guarantee the products are fit for purpose. This is either performed in house or by an accredited third party.

These tests can include, but are not limited to:

  • Board deflection
  • Stress point testing
  • Load/weight validation
  • Manual handling within the supply chain
  • Best practice and usage of our range

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