Dichiarazione COVID-19 di PALLITE®.

PALLITE COVID-19 Dichiarazione

Noi di PALLITE® vogliamo rassicurare i nostri fedeli clienti e i nostri stakeholder che stiamo facendo del nostro meglio per gestire la nostra attività a pieno regime, mantenendo la salute e la sicurezza della nostra forza lavoro al centro di tutto ciò che facciamo.

In linea con le linee guida del governo abbiamo apportato le seguenti modifiche:

Maggiori misure igieniche in loco

Limitata a tutti i visitatori interni ed esterni al sito

Maggiore utilizzo di incontri virtuali con la nostra forza lavoro, i clienti e i fornitori

Assicurare che il nostro personale comprenda e segua le linee guida del NHS per l'autoisolamento

Ha lavorato con i nostri fornitori di materie prime e trasportatori per ridurre al minimo i rischi di interruzione

Aumento della distanza sociale in atto in fabbrica. I posti di lavoro a due persone ora a una sola persona, solo a prescindere da un'eventuale riduzione della produzione

Stiamo monitorando attivamente la situazione e abbiamo pubblicato le linee guida dell'NHS, dell'OMS e del governo.

Il nostro team di vendita rimane disponibile e disponibile a sostenere i nostri clienti e le loro catene di fornitura in questi tempi incerti.

Attualmente stiamo operando 'business as usual' e siamo in grado di spedire elevati volumi di prodotti standard come pallet e tavole a strati con breve preavviso, se necessario.


Fresh food home delivery service seeks packaging supplier for long-term relationship. WLTM someone with similar interests in saving the planet. Must be the same IRL as on paper. No greenwashing or umfriends…

Choosing a packaging supplier for your temperature-sensitive goods isn’t quite the same as choosing a life partner, but you’d better believe you can still find your match made in heaven. Happily ever after isn’t just something that happens in fairy tales – it’s something you can choose for yourself. So, choose to settle down with a packaging supplier that will become your better half, empowering you to delight your customers.

What do packaging choices say about a company and its products?

The packaging you choose as a business has a massive impact on perception of your brand and products.

A study by the University of Wisconsin found the best examples of packaging were 76% more attractive and attracted 56% more prestige, as well as increased the perceived value of the product(s) inside.

First impressions count

Selling in physical stores has become a science, with branding, product placement, merchandising, personalised service, music and even scent used to create a multi-layered buying experience for customers that makes them feel good.

As e-commerce continues to increase in popularity, the experience of ‘unboxing’ a parcel in the home needs to inspire similar feelings of joy in customers. After all, the packaging it arrives in is a customer’s first point of physical contact with any new purchase.

Over-sized boxes stuffed with unnecessary filler, non-recyclable materials, and packaging that is difficult to open or arrives damaged are all huge turn-offs for buyers. Without the multi-layered in-store experience, they feel deflated, angry or upset – especially if the product inside is damaged – and resolve never to buy from that company again. In the highly-competitive retail sector, no business can afford to lose customers. Considering the volume of online orders made every single day, poor packaging choices could result in many million of pounds in lost revenue.

Packaging as an opportunity

Just as poor packaging can lose you customers, done right, it can win friends and influence people. Customer-facing brands should see packaging as a substitute for the in-store experience and a way of extending brand messaging into customers’ homes: as both a marketing opportunity and a customer engagement tool.

The importance of sustainability

So, what do customers want from the packaging of temperature-sensitive products? Well, as with the delivery of other, non-temperature-sensitive products, they want their goods to be adequately protected, using as few materials as possible, and offering a positive experience akin to that they might get from shopping in store.

They also value sustainability highly. In fact, research by data specialists CGA found 91% of UK consumers think it’s important the brands they buy from use environmentally-friendly, recyclable packaging. Not only that, further studies have shown 3 in 4 people are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging – nearly a quarter of these 10% or more.

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of and concerned about the impact of their buying habits on the environment, and are choosing to spend their money with brands that make significant and sustained efforts to minimise the impact of their operations on people and planet. The days of polystyrene being accepted as a necessary compromise for the delivery of temperature-sensitive products are long since gone.

Paper and cardboard packaging are clear favourites with consumers, with two-thirds saying they make products more attractive than other packaging materials. A survey by the Paper and Packaging Board (PPB) found of 71% of consumers were more likely to buy from brands that packaged their products in paper or cardboard.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to us here at PALLITE – after all, we love paper: it’s what we do. And the great news is that paper packaging can be used to transport temperature-sensitive goods too. If you’ve not yet seen what paper-based packaging could do for your business, why not give it a try and see if it could be your happily ever after.

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