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Paper. Not corrugate.

It’s the innovation inside the PALLITE® range that sets it apart. So what makes a PALLITE® pallet?


Deck is the component of the PALLITE® pallet or pallet box that your products are loaded onto. Manufactured from honeycomb cells and lined with wet strength Kraft papers for maximum moisture resistance and performance, it provides a flat, slat-free surface. PALLITE® decks are just 25mm thick, with light, medium and heavy options available depending on how much you need your PALLITE® pallet to hold. Discover more about PALLITE® layer pads.



The spirally-wound tubes found inside the PALLITE® pallet foot add impressive vertical strength. They are made with laminated layers of fibreboard cut to exact size so they give consistent performance and fit snugly inside the PALLITE® pallet foot. One of our standard tubes can withstand up to 7 tonnes of vertical weight. Tubes are available to purchase separately in varying lengths. Enquire about tubes here.


PALLITE® Pallet Feet

PALLITE® pallet feet are made from two laminated ‘U’ profiles glued together to encase the tubes. They can be manufactured to suit all sizes and requirements. Tubes are spaced every 100mm within the PALLITE® pallet foot for maximum load-carrying capability. You can discover more about PALLITE® pallet feet here.


Conveyor Frame

Conveyor frames can be added to your PALLITE® pallet if they will be used on conveyor systems or palletisers. These are made from flat, 90mm-wide laminated fibreboards that are added to the base of the PALLITE® pallet feet.



All PALLITE® components are laminated together and assembled into pallets using PVA adhesive, familiar in most packaging sectors and widely accepted in the food and pharmaceutical sectors. Before any specification is released to the market, it undergoes extensive testing to ensure it will withstand its journey through your supply chain. You can discover more about our product testing here.


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