PALLITE®’s COVID-19 Statement

PALLITE®’s COVID-19 Statement

We at PALLITE® want to reassure our loyal customers and stakeholders that we are doing our utmost to operate our business at full capacity, whilst keeping the health and safety of our workforce at the centre of everything we do.

In line with government guidelines we have made the following changes:

Increased hygiene measures on site

Restricted all internal and external visitors to site

Increased use of virtual meetings with our workforce, customers and suppliers

Ensured our workforce understand and follow the NHS guidelines for self-isolation

Worked with our raw material suppliers & hauliers to minimise risk of disruption

Increased social distancing in place at factory. Two-person jobs now single-person, only irrespective of any reduction in output

We are actively monitoring the situation and published guidance from the NHS, WHO and the government.

Our sales team remain available and willing to support our customers and their supply chains through these uncertain times.

We are currently operating ‘business as usual’ and are capable of shipping high volumes of standard products such as pallets and layer boards at short notice if needed.


There is a saying that goes:

Don’t judge someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes

Well, spare a thought for the workers in the most inefficiently planned warehouses, who can walk more than 10 miles a day receiving and handling deliveries, and picking, packing and preparing orders for dispatch.

If you are a warehouse manager surrounded by boxes in your warehouse, finding it difficult to manage a growing workload and struggling to dispatch products on time, then you may be running one such warehouse.

Even if your products are being shipped on time and your customers are happy, that doesn’t mean that there are no efficiency improvements you could make that might improve your bottom line, and increase your customer satisfaction even further.

An efficient warehouse operation maximises productivity while saving time and money – a win for everyone in the supply chain. And the good news is that, when it comes to efficiency savings, small changes really can make a big difference. With order picking accounting for, on average, around 55% of a warehouse’s operating costs, it is easy to see why increasing pick efficiency is a key target for warehouse managers. As next and same-day delivery becomes more commonplace in major manufacturer and e-tailers’ offerings to their customers, every second lost in picking an order may mean the difference between an order being on time or late.

Our range of award-winning, lightweight, strong, flexible warehouse storage and shelving solutions – PIX® – increases pick efficiency by reducing walk sequences and pick times, and improving accuracy.

Reduced walk sequences

By providing warehouse managers with the means to consolidate multiple pick-faces into one single storage unit on ground level, PALLITE® PIX® improves pick density per foot of travel – a key measure of how efficiently an order can be retrieved. With travelling time accounting for – on average – around 55% of order picking time, anything warehouse managers can do to reduce this will result in greater output: more picks per person per hour.

Faster picking, improved accuracy

Clearly divided, well-organised pick-faces with space for labels and barcodes to help pickers find products with ease will help reduce the 15% of time the average picker spends searching for the product they are picking, as well as reduce the likelihood of mistakes being made. Flexible designs with moveable dividers allow the storage to be modified to fit awkward and unusually-shaped products with ease, making them quicker and simpler to extract during picking.

Other benefits of the PALLITE® PIX® range

As with all our products, PALLITE® PIX® storage units are made from just two materials – recycled waste paper and PVA glue. They are 100% recyclable after use, super lightweight and incredibly strong. Each pick-face in our PIX® storage units can hold up to 50kg of product, with whole units capable of carrying up to 500kg, thanks to robust walls made using honeycomb cell technology, and reinforced edges that prevent wear and tear.

Able to be built and dismantled with ease with no need for tools, and stored flat when not in use, the entire PALLITE® PIX® range contains no nails or screws, meaning less chance of product damage or injury to your employees.

As demand for warehousing space continues to increase, and without new space being created at the same rate, it is going to be more and more important for warehouse managers to ensure their operations are as efficient as they possibly can be to help meet the shortfall. With a design option to suit every need, the PALLITE® PIX® range is here to help.

The PALLITE® PIX® range can help warehouse managers improve the efficiency of their operations by reducing pick time, improving pick accuracy and freeing up under-used racking space. For more information on the PALLITE® PIX® range, give us a call on 01933 283920, email us at

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