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How much can a PALLITE® pallet carry?

We get asked this question a lot. A PALLITE® pallet is made from paper, so it surely can’t carry that much – right? Wrong. A standard PALLITE® pallet can hold up to 750kg in open-beam racking, and bespoke versions can hold over a tonne – it all depends on the specification. If you talk to our team, they’ll help you find the right PALLITE® for your supply chain. You can contact them here.

Can the PALLITE® range be used in open-beam racking?

Yes – PALLITE® products can be configured for use in open-beam racking. We just need to know the weight and type of load that you need to carry.

How heavy is a PALLITE® pallet?

A PALLITE® pallet weighs from 3.8kg, which is well below health and safety guidelines for lifting above elbow height. That means there’s less risk of injury in the workplace, which reduces lost work days and ultimately makes a much happier workforce.

What sizes does the PALLITE® range come in?

The PALLITE® range can be provided in any size. We manufacture both UK Standard and Euro sizes, but we also create bespoke items – be it to ship a standard sized pallet, a sofa, a tv, or even a car!

Why should we use a PALLITE® Pallet over a wooden pallet?

1. There’s less risk of contamination because it’s cleaner
2. You save money on transport costs because it’s lighter
3. It reduces the risk of damaged stock because it resists mould
4. There’s less risk of contamination / injury because there are no nails or splinters
5. It has a smaller environmental impact and is manufactured from sustainable sources
6. You can earn money back through recycling

Why should we use a PALLITE® over a corrugate pallet?

It’s simple – it’s so much stronger. You won’t have to worry about your pallets or pallet boxes collapsing in transit.

Can a PALLITE® Pallet be used in automated systems or on palletisers?

Yes – we can add a conveyor frame to your PALLITE® pallet or PALLITE® pallet box. This way you’re not limited to where and when you can use it. It’s best to speak to a member of our team, so they can make sure you choose the right type of frame. You can send them a message here.

Why is a PALLITE® Pallet ideal for export?

It’s light, weighing from 3.8kg, so you’ll save money on your air freight fees. It’s also ISPM15-exempt so you don’t have to purchase expensive heat-treated pallets, ultimately saving you even more money.

What industries is a PALLITE® pallet suitable for?

The PALLITE® range can be used in most industries. We’ve found it’s a popular choice in the food ingredients, pharmaceutical and automotive sectors, and for those that send air freight. Not in one of these industries? We work with a lot of other clients too. Why not speak to one of our team and ask about what other experience we have?

Is a PALLITE® Pallet waterproof?

PALLITE® pallet can be successfully used in wet environments, but we recommend that you avoid long-term exposure to water. Its strength is due to the layers of glue acting as barriers between the sheets of paper, so it can withstand more water than corrugate. The papers we use also have a high resistance to moisture. We thoroughly test all our products. You can learn more about testing here.

How can I save money on air freight?

Based on the following calculations, you could save £57.67 per pallet.

Air freight cost per kg (based on UK to Dubai) – £2.82 per kg (correct November 2017)

UK 4Way Grade 1 Long Board Wooden Pallet weight – 25kg

PALLITE® 4 Way UK Pallet (Product reference 12x10M4NF9PR190C2SPR-100) weight – 4.55kg

Wooden pallet 25kg – PALLITE® Pallet 4.55kg = 20.45kg

20.45kg x £2.82 = £57.67

How much weight can I save by changing from a wooden pallet to a PALLITE® Pallet?

Based on the following calculations, you could reduce weight by 82.73%
EU1 Euro-Stamped Wooden Pallet weight – 22kg
PALLITE® 4 Way Euro Pallet (Product reference 12x08M4NF9PR190C2SPR-100) = 3.8kg
Wooden Pallet Weight 22kg – PALLITE® Pallet Weight 3.8kg = 18.2kg
18.2kg / 22kg = 82.73%

How much weight can I save by changing from a wooden crate and pallet, to a PALLITE® Pallet Box?

Based on the following calculations, you could reduce weight by 72%
EU1 Euro-Stamped Wooden Pallet weight – 22kg
Euro 8” Tall Collars with ¾” wood & steel hinges – 7.26kg each
UK Standard Plywood Crate Lid – 6.8kg
PALLITE® Equivalent including box and pallet (12x08x06TOPBOX & 12x084MFL9PR190C2SPR) weight = 16kg

((Pallet = 22kg) + (4x Collars = 29.04kg) + (Lid = 6.8kg) = 57.84kg) – 16kg = 41.84kg
41.84kg / 57.84kg = 72.34%

How can I increase container utilisation by up to 12.5%?

Based on the following calculations, you could increase container utilisation by 28.5%:
40ft Container specification:
Internal width – 2,350mm / Internal height – 2,390mm / Internal length – 12,032mm / Cubic capacity – 67.50m3
Euro Pallet Dimensions Including Pallet –  1200mm x 800mm x 1150mm
Number of Euro Pallets in a 40ft Container – 20
Total pallets per container if double stacked – 40
Total capacity used – 44.2m3
Total % capacity used – 65.5%
PALLITE® Dimensions – 1150mm x 800mm x 1150mm
Number of PALLITE®s in 40ft Container – 30
Total pallets per container if double stacked – 60
Total capacity used – 63.5m3 | Total % capacity used – 94.0%
Total capacity increase = 28.5%

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