PALLITE®’s COVID-19 Statement

PALLITE®’s COVID-19 Statement

We at PALLITE® want to reassure our loyal customers and stakeholders that we are doing our utmost to operate our business at full capacity, whilst keeping the health and safety of our workforce at the centre of everything we do.

In line with government guidelines we have made the following changes:

Increased hygiene measures on site

Restricted all internal and external visitors to site

Increased use of virtual meetings with our workforce, customers and suppliers

Ensured our workforce understand and follow the NHS guidelines for self-isolation

Worked with our raw material suppliers & hauliers to minimise risk of disruption

Increased social distancing in place at factory. Two-person jobs now single-person, only irrespective of any reduction in output

We are actively monitoring the situation and published guidance from the NHS, WHO and the government.

Our sales team remain available and willing to support our customers and their supply chains through these uncertain times.

We are currently operating ‘business as usual’ and are capable of shipping high volumes of standard products such as pallets and layer boards at short notice if needed.


The BIL Group believe that small things matter when it comes to big improvements. They are always striving to do things better, whether this is through their internal processes and structures, their quality control or their commitment to outstanding customer service.


An area that is constantly at the forefront of their thinking right now is sustainability.

Throughout the company, they are hugely aware that lots of small changes can ultimately have a major positive impact on their external environment. They have investigated (and are continuing to do so) many ways to improve their daily processes and one area they made a point of specifically looking at was how they transport their products, in this instance their Skoots moving systems.

Their Skoots moving system has almost always been despatched on standard wooden pallets which, although more environmentally friendly than plastic, they felt could still be improved further.  As a consequence, they decided to team up with PALLITE® a specialist in the design and manufacture of strong, clean and recyclable paper pallets.


  • Environmentally-friendly
  • More sustainable than wooden or plastic pallets
  • Recyclable
  • Strong enough to hold over 100kg
  • Ensured safe handling of products
  • No reduction in quality or customer service


We met up with the BIL Group team at their head office where we assessed their transportation requirements, a commitment to safe handling of products, no reduction in quality or customer service.

Initial concerns about using paper pallets were quickly quashed when they gained a full understanding of the manufacturing process and quality control systems and saw just what our pallets and shipping crates can handle. Much like ourselves, the BIL group pride themselves on these principles and the message of sustainability was also a key driving force to forming our ongoing relationship.

We collaborated with the BIL Group on a unique design for the Skoots which now includes a base pallet with location holes to keep the Skoots positioned correctly, along with a shipping crate wall and lid to protect the Skoots when in transit. So overall, not just a straight swap in packaging, but a much improved bespoke design with a professional finish.



PALLITE®'s packaging is 100% recyclable which was one of the main factors in the BIL Group considering using the product.

Across 2016 data, shows that over 40 million wooden pallets were manufactured in the UK which used more than 680,000 tonnes of virgin timber. To image that better – it’s a forest around 17 times larger than the city of London!

By using PALLITE® just the Skoots product alone, the BIL Group are contributing to a much more sustainable future.

For more information on Skoots Moving Systems , visit

Products Used

The products that helped complete this case study. Click to learn more.

Shipping Crates


The king of the paper pallet world.

From the honeycomb deck to the design of the pallet feet, the PALLITE® pallet offers a lighter and cleaner alternative to wood. Available in a range of sizes and specifications, PALLITE® pallets have the robustness and strength you’d demand from any pallet in your supply chain.

Paper and glue makes them light. Design makes them strong.

Learn more about the award-winning innovation and manufacturing behind PALLITE® pallets.

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Shipping Crates

This is no ordinary pallet box.

Designed to solve one of your most vexing problems, the award-winning PALLITE® pallet box will protect your consignment to withstand its entire journey down your supply chain whilst ensuring you’re not paying over the odds for your distribution.

Other pallet boxes might save you pennies in the short term, but the PALLITE® pallet box is no ordinary pallet box. With a collapsible design that’s known for strength and a 25mm reinforced honeycomb wall, your PALLITE® pallet box will withstand even the most turbulent of journeys.

What’s more, with extensive CNC capabilities, PALLITE® can offer protection of oddly-shaped components by creating locators and fitments for boxes that are more resistant to turbulence and damages than corrugate alternatives. PALLITE® has become the all-round proposition.

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