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PALLITE has unique, award-winning, products with patented designs that are much more sustainable than traditional wooden and plastic alternatives. We help businesses cut their transit-related emissions by up to 37%, reducing costs, while protecting the planet with a long term, sustainable alternative to wood and plastic.

We are now raising funds to invest in our operations to boost sales and growth.

If you’d like to join our journey to grow our business and protect the environment, click the link below to read our pitch text and find out more!

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PALLITE® Product Testing

Quality does not happen by accident. We don’t take it for granted, and neither do we expect you to accept our assurances of quality without independent, evidential proof.

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The Science Behind PALLITE®

The alternative pallet market is growing. Increasingly, businesses are seeing the benefits of moving away from traditional wooden pallets to more cost-effective, clean, light and environmentally-friendly products.

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