PALLITE®’s COVID-19 Statement

PALLITE®’s COVID-19 Statement

We at PALLITE® want to reassure our loyal customers and stakeholders that we are doing our utmost to operate our business at full capacity, whilst keeping the health and safety of our workforce at the centre of everything we do.

In line with government guidelines we have made the following changes:

Increased hygiene measures on site

Restricted all internal and external visitors to site

Increased use of virtual meetings with our workforce, customers and suppliers

Ensured our workforce understand and follow the NHS guidelines for self-isolation

Worked with our raw material suppliers & hauliers to minimise risk of disruption

Increased social distancing in place at factory. Two-person jobs now single-person, only irrespective of any reduction in output

We are actively monitoring the situation and published guidance from the NHS, WHO and the government.

Our sales team remain available and willing to support our customers and their supply chains through these uncertain times.

We are currently operating ‘business as usual’ and are capable of shipping high volumes of standard products such as pallets and layer boards at short notice if needed.


Mention flying and the environment in the same sentence, and you’d be forgiven for thinking this was going to be yet another piece about how the increasing popularity of air travel is contributing to climate change. There is no doubt that flying can be damaging to the environment but, by switching to PALLITE® products for their air transport needs, businesses will actually be helping to fight deforestation, reduce waste and lower carbon emissions. They can also save money on each and every journey.

Here at PALLITE®, we have developed a range of environmentally-friendly packaging products that provide a genuine alternative to wood and some of the other less eco-friendly options out there, and can save businesses money across their operations.

All our products are made from just two materials – recycled waste paper and PVA glue. Manufactured from more than 80% recycled materials from carefully managed sources, and themselves 100% recyclable after use, they are proven in independent tests to be a more sustainable alternative to wooden pallets and crates. Their innovative design makes them super strong and enables them to offer customers a number of benefits in use that contribute to lower total cost of distribution, including significant weight savings and the ability to be tailored to the optimum volume for an airline.

PALLITE® Product Testing


PALLITE® Product Testing

PALLITE® is for the journey

Independent tests found PALLITE® pallets are environmentally-friendly by design – having a lower carbon footprint than their wooden equivalents. They are also environmentally-friendly in use. The standard PALLITE® pallet, used on a short-haul international 1,000-mile aeroplane journey, results in more than 84kg less carbon dioxide equivalent – the measure of greenhouse gases and therefore potential to contribute to global warming – than a wooden pallet used on the same journey. On a long-haul international 5,000-mile aeroplane journey, it results in more than 268kg less carbon dioxide equivalent.

Replacing 11 standard wooden pallets with PALLITE® pallets on a flight from Glasgow to New York would offset the annual carbon impact of an average car commute in the UK. And that’s just 11 pallets.

Imagine what would happen if enough businesses committed to switching to PALLITE® that we could replace 30,000 wooden pallets with PALLITE® pallets. The same flight would save emissions the equivalent of an 8,000 people travelling on board, and offset the annual carbon impact of 2,600 average car commutes in the UK!

When it comes to transporting goods by air, PALLITE® is clearly the most environmentally-friendly choice. Let’s look at some likely scenarios…


Want to reduce your carbon footprint and save money? Find out your annual CO2 savings with our new calculator.


If you substituted 10 standard wooden pallets and crates, each holding 500kg, for 10 standard PALLITE® pallet boxes carrying the same load and then flew them the 5,536km (3,440 miles) from London Heathrow to JFK in New York, the emissions you would save would be the equivalent of charging 279,762 smartphones, or powering the average UK home for 25% of the year.

The significant weight savings that come with using PALLITE® products would result in the airline saving almost 926 litres of fuel on that journey alone – that’s around £298 based on current aviation fuel prices.

What’s more, you would also pay significantly less per journey, as your load would be lighter. One of our customers saved more than £180,000 a year on their air freight bill, just by switching to PALLITE®.

Similar savings can also be made on shorter journeys. For example, if you substituted 20 standard wood euro pallets and crates, each holding 500kg, for 20 standard PALLITE® euro pallet boxes carrying the same load and flew them the 1,450km (901 miles) from London Heathrow to Rome in Italy, the emissions you would save would be equivalent to charging 215,113 smartphones, or powering the average UK home for 20% of the year. Meanwhile, weight savings would result in the journey using 688 litres less fuel, a saving for the airline of £222 based on current aviation fuel prices, and result in yet more financial savings for your company.

With significant environmental and financial savings to be made on each journey, these examples clearly show the benefit of companies switching to PALLITE® products for all their air transport needs.

By switching to PALLITE®, companies can benefit from cheaper, greener air freight. To find out more about our environmentally-friendly and cost-effective, 100% recyclable packaging solutions, give us a call on 01933 283920, email us at

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