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The Alternative Pallet Company Supports Northampton Hope Centre in their launch of the ‘Hope Food Club’

Northampton Hope Centre, based in the heart of the town, works to relieve poverty and tackle the causes of homelessness. Amongst other projects, 2017 has seen the foundation of ‘Hope Food Club’, a scheme that will make discounted food – priced at around a third of retail price – accessible to those in Northampton on benefits or with low income. The hope is that the Food Club will [...]

Packaging Waste Regulations: How One Simple Change Could Save You Thousands

At PALLITE®, we can help businesses affected by the Government’s Packaging Waste Regulations to comply with their obligations. Our packaging products are 100% recyclable and four-times lighter than their equivalents made from wood or plastic, meaning businesses benefit from being able to use more while still complying with the law. Read on to find out […]

Kite Packaging Adopts PALLITE® Range From The Alternative Pallet Company

The Alternative Pallet Company, creators of PALLITE® are delighted to announce that Kite Packaging, one of the UK’s largest packaging distributors, has adopted the PALLITE®, range into their portfolio of packaging supplies. With over 6 sites around the UK, Kite Packaging has quickly grown since its foundation in 2001 and has quickly become a household […]

PALLITE®: Redefining the pallet

According to the Oxford dictionary, a pallet is: A portable platform on which goods can be stacked, stored, and moved. But you and I both know pallets far more intimately than that. They’re great big, heavy hunks of wood that get thrown around your warehouse, give you splinters and generally are pretty disgusting when you […]