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A genuine, clean alternative to wood

It all started in 2008 with an idea – an idea that came from a group of people who faced similar problems to those you might be facing right now. Frustrated by the limitations of alternative pallets available in the market, they decided to turn an idea into reality.

That’s when PALLITE® was born.

PALLITE® is a range of lightweight, strong, clean and recyclable paper pallets from The Alternative Pallet Company that offers a genuine alternative to wood. A British company, we’re proud to say we manufacture the entire range at our factory in Northamptonshire.

Although we started with pallets, we didn’t stop there. In response to concerns raised by our customers about their supply chains, and by working to understand their difficulties, we further developed the PALLITE® range to include collapsible pallet boxes, insulated pallet boxes, layer boards and pallet feet (or Pallruns as we call them).

You see, here at The Alternative Pallet Company, we take our customers and their issues very seriously. We count listening as one of our strongest skills. That’s why we’ll take the time to understand your company and products, and really get to the bottom of any difficulties you’re facing.

We’re problems solvers – that’s what we’re all about.

That’s exactly how we got to where we are today. It’s not complicated really – we just focus on what matters.

Ultra lightweight

Ultra lightweight, robust PALLITE® is capable of lifting a tonne of product with a stacking strength of 7 tonnes.

Honeycomb Technology

Engineered using honeycomb technology and weighing from only 6.5kg, compared with wood averaging 25kg or plastic averaging 30kg.

Performance Accredited

Our PALLITE® products have been fully performance-accredited by several third parties using recognised standards and certified testing bodies.


PALLITE® fibreboard pallets are capable of lifting a tonne consignment with a stacking strength of 7 tonnes. They are used for loads of up to 750kg in open beamed racking.


A successful and sustainable business is able to demonstrate sustainability. PALLITE® products are ultra lightweight when compared with their timber alternatives, yet very cost competitive.

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Leading the marketplace into a more sustainable future

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