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Sustainable Transit Packaging

Lightweight, strong and ISPM15 exempt –
a more efficient alternative to wooden pallets and crates

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PALLITE® – Invested In The Future

As an alternative packaging specialist, PALLITE® provides a viable alternative to wooden pallets and crates that is 100% recyclable. Our lightweight paper pallets, pallet boxes, layer pads and components are designed to reduce the total cost of shipping consignments, while boosting organisations’ green credentials. Stronger than standard cardboard pallets and boxes, they carry heavy loads with ease thanks to their innovative ‘honeycomb-cell’ design. Our award-winning products are used by businesses across all industries, including the aerospace, automotive, healthcare, pharmaceutical, and food sectors. We have recently launched a new product called PALLITE® PIX which is a collapsible shelving unit for use in warehousing that’s designed to flex your storage around your product with its removable dividers.

Automotive & Aerospace

We are a trusted provider to some of the world’s leading automotive manufacturers and suppliers, who rely on us to deliver strong, lightweight, innovative, cost-effective, 100% recyclable packaging solutions that protect their consignments throughout their journey.


Healthcare & Pharmaceutical

Manufacturers and distributors working in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors depend on us to provide premium in-transit protection and hygienic, safe storage for everything from life-saving medicines and heart monitors to scalpels and sterile dressings.


Warehousing & Logistics

The entire PALLITE® range is designed with solving warehousing and distribution issues in mind. As well as reducing the total cost of delivery thanks to their lightweight construction, our innovative packaging solutions and efficient pickface systems save space and time.


Our clean paper-based pallets and pallet boxes are free from the nails and splinters associated with their wooden counterparts and less susceptible to mould, making them the ideal hygienic packaging solution for clients operating in the food industry. We also manufacture insulated boxes that are ideal for transporting food as air freight.


PALLITE®’s high-quality packaging products are ideal for customers in FMCG markets. Their simple, flexible design allows us to meet customers’ individual needs, providing tailored protection for consignments. Our lightweight solutions reduce the total cost of all forms of delivery, making them ideal for companies distributing their products internationally.


Our high-quality paper-based packaging solutions and pickfaces are so versatile, they are used by many packaging manufacturers in their own warehouses. Our flexible, environmentally-friendly products also appeal to resellers wanting to pass on their benefits to their customers.


The PALLITE® transit packaging range is designed to create cost-savings by reducing total distribution costs by offering a genuine, lightweight alternative to traditional wooden packaging. The PALLITE® PIX range offers similar cost-savings by increasing efficiency and accuracy in warehousing operations, as well as freeing-up valuable pallet spaces by consolidating pick-faces.


Standard PALLITE® paper pallets are capable of holding up to 750kg in open-beam racking and can be engineered to carry more to meet your requirements. Reinforced with paper honeycomb cells that are capable of bearing higher loads than the fluting that forms the basis of corrugated packaging, PALLITE® pallets, pallet boxes and PIX storage solutions are stronger than standard cardboard alternatives. This strength allows them to withstand turbulent journeys and repeated use without collapsing.


Constructed from just paper and PVA glue, PALLITE® paper pallets are ultra-lightweight, with a Euro pallet starting at just 4.05kg. With wooden Euro pallets averaging 25kg, PALLITE® customers can benefit from more than 20.95kg of weight savings, which results in benefits throughout the supply chain. By switching to PALLITE®, businesses can save on fuel while reducing their carbon footprint when shipping goods, and drastically cut the cost of sending consignments by air freight.


Made from more than 80% recycled materials from managed sources and themselves 100% recyclable after use, PALLITE® packaging products can help businesses to reduce waste, cut their carbon footprint and boost their sustainability credentials. They are ideal for companies wanting to make the move away from single-use plastics or maximise the use of their allowance under the Government’s Packaging Waste Regulations. PALLITE® customers are not affected by materials shortages in the same way that wooden pallet users can be, as PALLITE® products are manufactured using recycled waste paper that can be sourced in abundance all year round regardless of market conditions.


PALLITE® pallet boxes are designed to be fully-collapsible so businesses can save on storage space when they are not in use and rebuild them again in seconds with no tools or expertise required. Due to their simple design and our efficient manufacturing process, we can help companies to maximise container and vehicle capacity utilisation by creating pallets and pallet boxes that precisely fit the space available and can be double-stacked without crushing loads. What's more, the PALLITE® PIX range was created with the very intention to create more space in warehouses by consolidating pick-faces.


PALLITE® products help businesses in all industry sectors improve efficiency throughout their supply chain by saving money, weight, space and time, as well reducing wastage. The PALLITE® PIX range has proven results in increasing pick efficiency and accuracy thanks to its flexible design, making picking orders quick and easy. The premium protection offered by the entire range means fewer returns, and the ISPM15-exempt PALLITE® transit packaging range requires less paperwork than wooden pallets when exporting goods.


The PALLITE® transit packaging range is designed to create cost-savings by reducing total distribution costs by offering a genuine, lightweight alternative to traditional wooden packaging. The PALLITE® PIX range offers similar cost-savings by increasing efficiency and accuracy in warehousing operations, as well as freeing-up valuable pallet spaces by consolidating pick-faces.

PALLITE® Product Testing

Quality does not happen by accident. We don’t take it for granted, and neither do we expect you to accept our assurances of quality without independent, evidential proof.

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